About The Dream Seller

If you’ve stumbled upon my blog- chances are you are interested in one of the same three passions that I am interested in. God, family, and TRAVELING!  When I talk about these three passions I can go on for hours– but really, I’ll try to reign myself in so as not to bore you!

oregon portrait_smaller

Oregon 2013


Just a little background about myself.  I was  raised in Congerville.  I’ve lived in Goodfield and Morton but upon marrying my husband I ended up back on a farm in Congerville.  I love little rural Congerville.  I was raised with 3 older sisters and two parents that loved me and took me to Sunday School every week.  I am fortunate for my upbringing and thank God daily for placing me where He has.  My childhood wasn’t typical but I was blessed! In between the tough times it was filled with some great travel!  I think I got the love of travel from my dad and it sort of blossomed over the years.  In my younger years our trips included: Colorado, Bahamas Cruise, Florida, Canada, Arizona, and even Hawaii!  In 2000, my father passed away after a year long illness.  I was 17 and just a junior in high school.  I am THANKFUL for these trips and the memories that we made during that season of our lives; another driving reason for my passion of travel.  Its important to spend time with our loved ones now- we never know how long we will have them.

My first passion: GOD.  In 2001 I turned my life over to Jesus Christ and have never been the same.  He has helped me through the tough times.  He was waiting for me when I came out of depression and found my way back to His leadings,  He LED me to my husband, and  He has BLESSED me with the ability to conceive  one of His little blessings.  Yes I am infinitely blessed by God.

My second passion: FAMILY.  In January 2012, I married Fred Rokey.  I had known Fred for several years and even had a little crush on him for 3 years, but it wasn’t until 2011 that God started to bring our lives together.  I love sharing our engagement story.  I am reminded every time how miraculous God’s workings are when you wait on Him.  2011 was a big year.  In May I sold my home in Morton after just 1 week of it being on the market (during a down economy!) In September I went across the great big pond for my first trip to the United Kingdom for 2 weeks.  Upon my arrival back to the states there was a proposal waiting for me!  I officially was engaged to Fred the end of September 2011 and we were married in Jan 2012.  I went from city girl to farm girl!  Fred and I own and operate a small hog / grain farm in rural Congerville.  When you don’t find me in the office planning travel or writing a new blog post I just might be outside helping load hogs, move the cows, wean piglets or doing a number of other farm chores.  In January (2015) we received a gift from God.   Our newest little “traveler”…Clayton Jay.  He keeps us entertained and on our toes!

hog boots

From city girl to farm girl– and loving it!


Our Wedding January 2012

Fred and Megan 6.2014-26

My handsome farmer husband!








tds announcement

Finally, my third passion: TRAVEL. I have been traveling since I was 4 (at least!).  I LOVE to travel.  To me there is so much of God’s wonderful creation to see.  I might not be the museum type- but give me some old rustic, quaint and charming towns with cobblestone roads and beautiful sights and I’m happy!  In 2003 after graduating from Illinois Central College I decided to attend night classes and pursue my dream of becoming a travel agent.  In 2005 I started working part time with Suzi Davis Travel as an outside travel agent while I worked full time at Garber Heating and Air Conditioning.  In 2006-2007 I started my own company and I’ve been on my own ever since.  I’ve done group/business incentive trips, I’ve accompanied trips, and I’ve planned numerous honeymoons, family vacations, anniversary trips, and cruises.  I am passionate about what I do!  My own travels include: Hawaii, Costa Rica, several cruises, Florida (yearly, my second home!), Mexico, Canada, Caribbean, Bermuda (Fall 2014!!), Europe (Netherlands, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, France), United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales).

My bucket list still includes wonderful places like:  Turks & Caicos, Trinidad & Tobago, Grenada {All in Caribbean}, Tahiti / French Polynesia, Austria, a RIVER cruise!  These are just to name a few!


At the Roman Baths in Bath England, September 2011

Michelle - Europe 08 658

Paris, France with my sister Michelle, July 2008


Zip lining in Costa Rica on my honeymoon! January 2012











This blog is an extension of my business website; to give my clients, neighbors, family, and friends more info about traveling! What you need to know, the dos and don’ts, checklists etc… however don’t be surprised when a post or two or three pops up on my other passions: God and Family.

Safe Journeys,



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