Wicked: A weekend in Chicago

So two years ago I took an amazing group of people to Chicago for an overnight trip to see Disney’s the Lion King- on Broadway in Chicago.  I have long wanted to see Lion King so why not have others join us?!  It was a fantastic weekend!  Christmas Shopping, friendly conversation, and a wonderful stay at the Westin on Michigan Ave.

SO- when I saw that my FAVORITE Broadway is coming to Chicago I knew this was another opportunity for me to see it again!  I say again because this will probably be my ….fourth time going?  This is one of my favorite shows.  And you know?  When I FIRST heard about this show; the word WICKED alone; made me think it was something I didn’t want to partake of. I thought it must be a very bad show!  But you know- someone TOLD me about it and RAVED about it so for my birthday one year my sister and I went to see it!  IMG_0602.JPGIt is simply the pre-story to the WIZARD OF OZ! Now i’m guessing MOST of us can say that we have seen, at some point, the Wizard of Oz.  You know– Somewhere Over The Rainbow?  {Random insert:  Interestingly enough I have to share that I JUST TODAY saw that 30 miles from my hometown in Bloomington, IL there is a grave, Infant Dorothy Gage who died of congestion of the Brain at 5 mos old, her aunt and uncle were so devastated that the uncle- writer Frank L Baum, used Dorothy’s name in the Wizard of Oz?  Seriously ?  How cool is that?}

SO– back to Wicked!  Here is the excerpt from the website explaining the story line a bit; I like to abbreviate this explanation; I usually tell people that it is a story about friendship.

“The untold story of the Witches of Oz.  Wicked looks at what happened in oz from a different angle.  There is another young woman, born with emerald-green skin, smart, fiery, misunderstood, and possessing an extraordinary talent.  Then she meets a bubbly blonde.  Their initial rivalry turns into the unlikeliest of friendships…until the world decides to call one GOOD and the other one WICKED.” {excerpt as taken from the Wicked The Musical website}

Besides a wonderful story-line, both humorous and endearing, you will hear AMAZING songs (yes I own the soundtrack!!) that, if like me – they just might move you to tears.

So in January, (12-13, 2018) I plan to return to Chicago for a weekend of “Wicked.”  I have roundtrip rail tickets from Bloomington to Chicago, roundtrip transfers to/from the hotel and to/from the show, 1 night staying at the fabulous Westin on Michigan Ave, and tickets to see WICKED!   This is a GREAT opportunity for a couples getaway, a mother-daughter(s) trip, or a ladies group trip!

So won’t you consider joining me? Space is limited- contact me today to reserve your space!  Megan@dreamsellertravel.com or 309.696.5890

Safe Journeys-


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