Bloggers Block

Sometimes I get bloggers block– I get stuck on one thought or how something NEEDS to be and I can’t get past it.  Believe it or not, even if my posts are sometimes few and far between, I actually enjoy writing!  I might not be any good but I enjoy it none the less.  Putting my thoughts down on paper.  As a young girl I kept a journal and I wrote stories.  I even shared it with my 8th grade English teacher for pointers in hopes of some day getting published.  And then I found other things I also liked to do– typing, office work, TRAVELING, and eventually “mommying”.  And these things took over my writing.  It is this newest job title of mommy that delays me from sitting down immediately to jot down my thoughts.  Then the “thought has left me” and I feel it wasn’t very important anyway and no one wants to read it.  So I don’t write about it.

To be honest, when I set up this blog I did it after a travel conference I was at.  Encouraging us to blog about our passion:  TRAVEL.  That excited me and so I started up a blog.  But you know what?  This season in my life of being wife, mommy, and THEN Travel Agent isn’t full of exotic destinations and getaways.  It is full of day to day REAL LIFE.  It’s full of diaper explosions, snotty noses, potty training, biting, speech and swim lessons, teething troubles and tears, some days LOTS of tears.  But hey, its real life.


Teething Troubles for Little One

So I get stuck in “bloggers block”– thinking I need to only write about travel.  But lets be real, I haven’t blogged because I haven’t had a getaway to blog about since last summer.  And if I blog about where I’ve been or where I want to go then discontentment can easily creep in, or even make me feel like I’m “less” of a travel agent because I haven’t been EVERYWHERE!  But let’s be realistic!  This is a BIG world– has anyone been EVERYWHERE?!  So since I don’t have exciting travel things to blog about I wasn’t blogging, even if I had other things that I wanted to say that weren’t travel related.

So today i’m changing that and going to try and get out of my Bloggers Block.  The reason I named my blog “All My Passions” was so that I could feel free to talk about anything I’m passionate about and that my friends is my faith and my family and my travels if God allows me the opportunities to travel.  If my posts continue to bore you or don’t provide enough “travel” insight then perhaps you’d like to go over to my facebook page or to my website to see more travel-related content.  Here you are going to get it all:  the good, the bad, and the ugly at times.  That’s all.  Nothing fancy, not always about an exotic destination- just real.  The insight to the woman behind the Travel Agent!

Safe Journeys,





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