{Belated} Fathers Day Thoughts

So as usual it’s been awhile since my last post.  And I was going to do better this year on blogging but here we are…. Fathers day has come and gone and I couldn’t even get this posted on time.  But that’s OK.  We spent the day worshiping the Lord our Savior in church and then with family so it was OK that I didn’t have time to sit down and jot my thoughts down.  I didn’t even have time to go to the cemetery to see my dad’s grave.  And that’s OK too, because kids sleep schedules and the busy rush of getting to church on time always seem to interrupt going to the cemetery.

As I sat in church and listened to the message on Fathers Day (I actually got to listen as my daughter was napping and my son was with Grandma!)…I was touched and convicted.  He spoke of the older men helping to guide the younger fathers in the room.  Get rid of your pride- no you weren’t perfect- but teach us so we can learn from your mistakes!  And somewhere in time my heart and thoughts drifted to my own dad- as it always does on Fathers day and I felt compelled to teach and encourage others out there.  This can apply to both sons and daughters but being a woman I am more directly focusing on the daughters!

You might be a young teen or in early-womanhood years, or a mommy of your own with small children at home, or a mother with grown children; regardless of your “status” now- ALWAYS remember….you were FIRST a daughter.  A daughter first loved by her Creator and Lord whether you’ve accepted that fact as truth or not, the truth still remains.  And second a daughter loved by her earthly father.  You’ve heard it said (and I can attest to this) you won’t know the love of your parents until you become one yourself.  Being a parent, so full of LOVE, JOY, and EXCITEMENT as you watch your child grow is SUFFOCATING.  (in a good way).  Some days I am so full of this joy and love that I feel I cannot breath or that my heart will BURST with the emotions I feel.  You will not understand this until you become a parent.  As a parent you want nothing but the best for your tiny loves.  When we watch them go through hurts or pains we want to “fix it”, help, and guide, all through an aching heart.  And sometimes as children we are resistant to this help and that causes a strain and a friction in the relationship with our father- both heavenly and earthly.

While everyone yesterday was posting pictures of their fathers giving them away on their wedding day I was thinking…  I have no high school graduation pictures with my dad,  he wasn’t at my baptism at church when I publicly announced Jesus as my Lord and Savior, nor was he at my wedding to give my husband words of wisdom on how to “deal with his daughter”, and he wasn’t there to hold his precious grand-babies that he would love SO much.

OH Daughters.  Stop what you are doing.  Stop the “yeah but…” thoughts and the “but he said” or “he hurt me”… just stop.  Whatever your relationship with your father good or bad, RUN to him.  Hug him like you never have before. Hold tight.  Smell his scent.  Hear his laughter, watch his eyes well up with tears at your sudden change of heart, and whisper I LOVE YOU DADDY.  If you are at odds with your fathers this will be hard to do.  But let me tell you– if he was on his death bed it would be the easiest thing for you to do.  And you would be sobbing and wondering if he heard you and if he really knows how much you love him.  Don’t wait- don’t wonder or assume  he knows.  Do it for him.  Do it for you.  Because someday he won’t be there anymore and you will forget what those strong hugs from daddy feel like.  

Happy Belated Fathers Day to my Fathers in Heaven.  I will always love you!  Until we meet again–




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