Like a child…

Recently in the early morning hours my daughter of 3 months woke me with her cries.  She NEEDED me and was pleading for me to come to her with her ferocious cries.  I knew she was hungry and begged to be fed.  As I prepared her bottle and quickly picked her up from her crib I attempted to comfort her with my light whispers and my touch.  As I settled into the rocker I attempted to tuck her burp cloth around her chin to catch any dribbles.   As I did this her head tossed from side to side as she frantically searched out her food source and her arms flailed about in frustration as her wailing grew louder and more adamant.  Taking one of her arms I gently tucked it underneath mine to contain it and once again attempted to begin feeding.  This time her face turned into the burp cloth and nibbled anxiously at the cloth, the fake food substitute that wasn’t food at all but how she longed for something!!! Finally I managed to get her head aligned with the bottle and she sucked fervently until she succumbed to sleep. As I rocked her and fed her and changed her and cradled her I wondered with a smirk on my face “doesn’t she know I want to help her?  Doesn’t she know I’ll take care of her but she is hindering me with her flailing arms and tossing head?”. 

And that’s when I stopped still.  And prayed.  I realized that I too, a “grown” women, am just like my child…my infant baby in fact.

We ALL are.  You see it starts with….we ALL need something! So we cry out to our Father.  Sometimes the middle of the night or during daytime or morning hours.  Pleading and begging for Him to come.  We NEED help, grace,peace, answers to our questions of why.  We demand answers and understanding.  We say “thy will be done” but we continue to toss out heads and flail our arms thinking He hasn’t heard us or He isn’t there doing anything.  And He thinks, “doesn’t she know I want to help her?  Doesn’t she know I’ll take care of her but she is hindering me with her flailing arms and tossing head?”. 

So He continues to holds us.  Cradles us, loves us, and whispers love to calm us but our cries of anguish and our demands drown out his Fatherly voice of calm, reason, and patience…

This is human nature.  My daughter was born with the ability to cry and be heard so I would know to come to her and give her nutrients.  We are born with that same ability.  It’s okay to cry out to God and to share our hurt, frustrations, fears and sorrows.  But then we must fight our “infant childlike” nature and pray dilligently and leave it there.  Resting calmly and waiting while He holds us and loves us.  He WILL answer in his timing.  He will come to us and answer our calls. Don’t stuff your fists into your mouth or your burp cloth by finding other sources of things to comfort you.  NO! Wait on Him.  He is there working to help you.  Let Him work.

Praying for you today my friends that you can seek HIM and cry out to him… Wherever you are in life.

“Turn your eyes upon Jesus…Look full in His wonderful face and the things of earth will grow strangely dim in the light of His glory and grace!”

Safe journeys!



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