A Costa Rican Honeymoon!

Hard to believe that five years ago today, Monday January 16th, my husband and I headed off on our honeymoon! We’d had a great wedding and reception on Sunday surrounded by our family and friends and had left the reception and drove to Chicago.  We spent the night in one of the park and fly hotels and the next morning took the shuttle to the airport.  These hotels are great options and are available from most airports.  Allowing you to pay for a good nights sleep and get free parking while you are gone.  Sure beats those airport parking charges!


Arriving to Liberia Airport, Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

About Guanacaste, Costa Rica
We flew into Liberia Airport, Guanacaste area of Costa Rica.  Guanacaste is considered the “Next Hawaii” as it is just as diverse in its region as the islands of Hawaii.  They are also experiencing a “building boom”.  Costa Rica has beautiful expansive beaches, many of them with black volcanic sand.  Beautiful sparkling blue and clear water bordered with forest life. The WEATHER in Guanacaste is drier that the rest of the country and can be subject to drought.  The rest of the country is by far wetter and is considered more of a rainforest with its own unique area to explore.  Guanacaste area boasts farms and cattle ranches and also has a large cowboy plantation.  Generally speaking, Costa Rica has a drier season (our Winter) and a wetter, rainy season (our Summer).

Accommodations in Costa Rica
We chose to stay all inclusive for our honeymoon.  There are many all inclusive options but we chose the Hilton Papagayo.  (note: Hilton Papagayo has since been re-branded and is now the Secrets Papagayo Costa Rica!)  This property was beautiful and among the things I remember the most is the hillside it was built into and the calm water in front of it!  There was a shuttle that ran around the resort as the rooms were in separate buildings, built into the hillside on some pretty steep hills.  You are welcome to walk it yourself or you can ride from room to pool / food areas.  We did some of each.  The water, since it is on the Papagayo bay, is extremely calm.  Think mild, quiet, lapping waves at your feet.  Not the ocean swells rolling in like your common beach location.  A wonderful beach that had very few people enjoying it when we were there.

Activities in Costa Rica
Well I didn’t want my new husband to be bored on our honeymoon just sitting in the sun!  We scheduled couples massages, a must-do splurge on any honeymoon, in my opinion!  And then scheduled an ATV-Zip lining activity.  Let me tell you!  this was SO fun!  We each got a quick orientation of our ATV’s and then we were off!  We mostly stuck to main roads/country roads and a few fields.  We arrived to the Zip line location and our guide left us while we did the zip-lining.  That was a lot of fun.  We could hear the monkey’s screeching but alas – to my disappointment- they were not to be seen in the trees!!  After the zip lining excursion we were re-united with our ATV’s and guide.  He whisked us off and we took a NEW route home.  This route was fun and a little more “off road!”.  We both had a ball.

There is so much to do in Costa Rica.  Zip Lining and ATV’s are just a small scratch.  You can also do day tours into the central portions of Costa Rica and to the rain forests and volcanoes.  There are multiple land AND sea tour options!  This is a GREAT destination for corporate meetings, weddings, and family travel as there is truly something for everyone- all ages!

Until next time!!  Safe journeys!


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